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Asus Zenbo for sale in the UK?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

We have all been enjoying Alexa and Google Home for some time now, but Zenbo was in the headlines before Alexa was really that big-a-deal, so where is he/she? The next step for Alexa (and we are sure that there will be a robot Alexa before long and Zenbo Junior is said to already incorporate Alexa) is for her to help out around the house, so why are we still awaiting a product that seemed to be ready to launch in Spring 2016? The latest news is that the Asus Zenbo is available in Taiwan for $620 USD and that the FCC have approved Zenbo for the US market, but when will we see Zenbo in the UK?

Asus Zenbo

Zenbo has had many people describe it as ugly, stupid or just plain useless, but we are very keen to get our hands on a demo model here. Zenbo could be our sircles.net doorman and our office motivator, and we are really looking forward to interracting with him.

Zenbo and Zenbo Junior Robots

When you arrive in the UK, Zenbo, do please make a beeline for our offices and you will find a welcome awaits you!


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10/25/2018 8:19 AM
Still no sign of Zenbo

~No sign yet of our new electronic friend and the media are already being mean to Zenbo.
Personally I like robots because I cannot find a way to make friends.

11/3/2019 10:57 PM
When are you arriving Zenbo?

Since spring ‘16 we have awaited Zenbo with eager anticipation, but when will our little friend finally arrive?

11/25/2019 4:16 PM
This really is getting bizarre. Zenbo junior is out in Taiwan but nothing here

If you look here: https://www.u-buy.com.tw/en/search/index/view/productukeb/283660394653/s/humanoid-robot-zenbo-new-in-the-box/store/used

You can see the Zenbo is available, just not to the UK. Are they having language issues still after 3 years? I cannot believe that it has still not been released!!

12/10/2019 11:22 PM
The Zenbo is back on eBay

But it is £3000
Can’t someone from Taiwan buy us one for £500 as was promised?

2/13/2020 10:32 PM
Here is a quick Zenbo teaser vid