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What Internet Connection is Best for my UK Business?

When you are looking to start a business or move into a new premises then it is definitely worth considering what options are available for the internet connection. Some business premises are serviced and include internet already but with most it is left up to the admin or support staff to requisition their own connection.

Most SMEs use ADSL2+ - broadband to you and I - to connect to the internet which is great as the download speeds are usually pretty fast and in the most part people judge internet speeds on how quickly pages load from the internet. Now that we are seeing many more SMEs use 'the Cloud' as a major part of their activity it is becoming more useful to have larger upload speeds so that Office365 or Google Docs do not appear as sluggish. This is where FTTC or 'fibre' as it is commonly referred to become important. FTTC - fibre to the cabinet - is only available if your new office fulfil BOTH of the following conditions:

  1. Your exchange has been readied for VDSL/FTTC/BT Infinity/Virgin Fibre (all the same thing)
  2. Your offices street cabinet has been equipped with a fibre connection from the exchange

You can find this out fairly easily by looking up your postcode/house number or BT line number on https://www.samknows.com/broadband/broadband_checker

BT Infinity/Fibre connections offer much greater upload speed - currently up to 20MB - and download speeds - currently 100MB - and cost very little more than ADSL2+ conventional broadband. If you have 10-50 people in your office then this can make a noticeable difference to your internet response times and increase productivity and staff morale.

N.B. Check with the existing provider to make sure that the closest cabinet to your office is fibre enabled or - if you have no service with anyone currently - speak to BT or another provider in advance to check available services before you sign your lease.

Once you have your new service you will need a VDSL/FTTC router and sircles currently recommend the Vigor 2860 VDSL range.

The Vigor 2860 comes in various guises:

  1. As the 2860 VDSL/ADSL router that will connect to your existing LAN (Local Area Network) which has many great features to protect and streamline your business such as comprehensive VPN and firewall filtering
  2. The 2860n which also includes n-band wireless for fast connectivity
  3. The 2860 Vn which includes support for analogue phones and lines as well as VoIP
  4. The 2860n Plus which also allows for ISDN connectivity as a backup
  5. The 2860 Vn Plus for all of the above

using a combination of these technologies - VDSL internet and The DrayTek Vigor 2860 range - you can have an enterprise quality internet service for extremely reasonable prices.

Have a look at our range of Vigor 2860 routers or call us on 0844 880 1618 to discuss your options.