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Your Name - Our meeting today at 8:00 PM ... - SPAM!!!

Your Name  - Our meeting today at 8:00 PM ... - SPAM!!!

More from our fraudulent friends at 'Who's Dumb Enough to Think you can be a Bitcoin Millionaire'

This email is disingenuous from start to finish, as befits these people.

Of course there is no meeting and they have no idea of your name, they just extracted the text field from your email address, but let us have a look at the email and site anyway as these people do need to be publicly 'outed' or they will continue to prey on the weak and poor...

From: Arleen Weatherly <[email protected]>
Sent: 13 November 2018 16:15
To: Your Name
Subject: Your Name - Our meeting today at 8:00 PM ...


I wanted to remind you of our today's meeting at 8:00 PM on this website:

At this meeting, I will explain in detail how you can effectively invest in the Bitcoin market and start
earning 1,293,186 pounds annually.

Yes, 1,293,186 pounds a year! Exactly that much I managed to earn in 2018by using this extremely
simple technique.

Watch the video and see how easy it is:

Register your free account and activate your trading account, and at 8:00 PM you will be able to
participate in our online meeting, where I will share my knowledge and investment techniques.

What is your dream? New home? A car? Or maybe a financial security?

Thanks to Bitcoin, tens of thousands of people have become millionaires. It is still possible - and I will
prove to you at the meeting tonigh!

Do not waste your time and register now:

Your personal Webinar access code:

See you at the meeting!
Arleen Weatherly

Now we have no idea what the website meeting-online.ml is supposed to be but the owner is registered at:

Mali Dili B.V. 
Point ML administrator 
P.O. Box 11774 
1001 GT Amsterdam 

Which doesn't help much.

Either way the website doesn't seem to function at it's route - it just shows the apache hello message.

But at the link above, it shows our friends:



Now I don't know who that person is or how they got this way so young but that definitely looks like their parents house to me, I wouldn't buy that lamp now, never mind at that age. 

As usual, if you try and leave you get a message saying:



This page is reproduced across many domain names such as:


As you can see from the EN part, they reproduce their scam in most european languages...

In fact they have:

DNS name=de.bitcoinmillions.xyz
DNS name=en.bitcoinmillions.xyz
DNS name=es.bitcoinmillions.xyz
DNS name=it.bitcoinmillions.xyz
DNS name=nl.bitcoinmillions.xyz
DNS name=pl.bitcoinmillions.xyz
DNS name=se.bitcoinmillions.xyz

So please report this domain as fraudulent to as many government bodies as you can.

You're A Winner - The National Lottery - Winning Notification Letter 2018-dispatched Spam

You're A Winner - The National Lottery - Winning Notification Letter 2018-dispatched Spam

Occassionally there is a spam email circulating that really makes you giggle, and here is a perfect example. Not only is this email sent to a generic email address - in this case a support@ address.

The message has only one piece of text and a PDF. The text reads:

'This message was sent to [email protected]. If you are not the owner of this email and you receive this message. Please discard the letter.'



I don't know who [email protected] is, but I suspect he will not be receiving that many emails and the phone number appears to have been left off of the hook.

I'm really not sure what the purpose of this email is unless the phone number and email are just of someone that the originator doesn't like.

The best part by far though, is that the promotion director happens to be Annie Lennox acting in the role in her spare time.

Thie email has the feeling of someone playing a prank rather than trying to steal, and for that, it definitely received the 'Spam of the Month' award!