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Sunday, November 27, 2022 11:37:23 AM

DrayTek Vigor 3910 features missing from 3900

2 years ago
#232 Quote

We have upgraded from the 3900 to the 3910 and are confused why so many features are now missing.

The service list of protocols is now empty
There is no app enforcement
The VLAN set-up appears to have receded to a 2860 set-up
The VPN users have receded to a 2860 interface set-up also
The VLAN across VPN feature is deprecated

What is happening - the upgrade path appears to be a downgrade!!

2 years ago
#233 Quote
Yes the lack of being able to upgrade the settings from a Vigor 3900 to the 3910 is a difficult path to understand, especially as it means that there is no reason to actually upgrade the current system unless you need more throughput.

We are assuming that later firmware releases may allow this so it may be best to sit tight until the 3910 firmware catches up with the rather excellent Vigor 3900

Multiple port numbers on a NAT are also missing which is a real step into the past.

The 3900 was like this when it was first released, so hopefully things will improve.

Some of the other features you mention definitely are available, so have another check.
2 years ago
#235 Quote
The APP enforcement, is available under CSM as it was on the last 3900 firmware
2 years ago
#238 Quote
Yes the lack of services populated in the firewall settings is odd, isn't it. It would have surely been easy to import those without fear of errors
2 years ago
#240 Quote
The WORST thing by a country mile is that every time I change a VLAN it makes me reboot or it won't take the changes


This is a nightmare.

Every part of the network we need to update we interrupt everyone doing everything !!!!

2 years ago
#247 Quote
Final irony, we swapped out two 2862s because they cannot VPN back to a specific VLAN, but the 3900 and 2960 can ,so naturally the 3910 will be able to, but no!! The 3910 has the same LAN-LAN VPN set-up page as the 2862, so there is not originating VLAN option!!!

So the new version cannot do what the old version did because the new version has been given the 2862 VPN software!!!

2 years ago
#248 Quote
Oh dear, yes it may well be that the new software for the 3910 is a complete rewrite using the 2862/2962 VPN client code and may not be able to provide you with the original 3900 capabilities here.

We did notice that the 2800/30/60/62 range originating subnet in the VPN client does not allow for mapping to a VLAN. It has always been a shortfall of that router.
2 years ago
#254 Quote
This sucks.

No proper VPN support on the flagship DrayTek - what is the World coming to? We are stuck trying to get VLANs to VPN to each other as well and have had to return to using the 3900s on a gigabit connection until we can get this resolved.
6 months ago
#303 Quote
The 3910 should still work in that VPN for VLAN set-up as the latest firmware appears to pickup the VLAN from the subnet OK now.