2 years ago
#261 Quote
The latest version of the Google search engine really is the best yet. Except of course for people who tried to make money by:

Buying domain names that hold keywords in and advertising with them through Sedo.com etc.
Selling Facebook likes
Selling backlinks between websites and other affiliate websites

But all of this is a good thing as it essentially means that information is becoming the most important part of ranking information which is really what Google always wanted in the first place.

So what does all of this mean, that the SEO people have forced themselves out of their own market by highlighting all of the inaccuracies that Google search engine suffered from? Have the SEO people simply been accidentally providing the ultimate market research for Google all this time and now the only real way to climb the rankings is either to put content worth linking to or to publish such great social networking updates that the site or brand generates real excitement.

All of the above points to something that has always been true and that the internet perhaps has made us forget occasionally - that the most important thing is the quality of your business and brand and that the quality of your website lives in the fact of how well it explains what you do. If your website is your business then it is the quality of your processes and your prices that make it important. This is how we are measured by Google and in truth there should be no other way.