2 years ago
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No it isn't, in fact I am sick of hearing this. We will never run out of domain names like we have with property, we will never have buyers that show u at brokers and just say

"What have you got around the £1.2m mark in London?"

And why? Because domain names are entirely about their content, not their location or price. If you have a certain business and you want a single keyword domain then you may want to pay the right price, otherwise you can buy keyword.website or keyword.online or keyword.london or wherever. And when those numbers begin to get scarce they will open up another ton of domain suffixes to keep in line with the increase in the population online and the new possibilities of IPv6 namespace.

Domains have so many suffixes now that even if you have a single keyword and it is not a TLD then the value is questionable. Google doesn't care if it is .es or .uk or .it as long as you have the content to attract and keep visitors. The only party that notices the domain is the human one and that may not matter as much as you think.