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Advice on Selling Your Domain Names

5 years ago
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The most important question has to be this:

How do I find the end users that really actually want my domain?

Well lets look at some I am currently marketing:

1. hubs.co.uk

This domain is valued by valuate.com at $39,000 but who is going to pay that?
Well perhaps if you were about to open a website in competition with eBuyer.com or Misco.co.uk you might be interested but the simple truth is that a network 'hub' isn't a hub anymore anyway - it has been superseded by switching for many years.

What other kind of hubs could we market it to? Wheel hubs? As a social networking hub for connectivity? Possibly. The truth is that the best part of this domain is that it is a single word with a .co.uk after it.

Using some of the domain tools which will track down people with similar domains but to be honest this tactic is not particularly effective because buying domains defensively with all of the suffixes now you would bankrupt yourself before you achieved anything else. Google aren't going to buy every suffix as they are simply pointless.

What you need is to find a situation where you can introduce a catalyst for sale to the prospective buyer to get them to bite.

So where is the best place to advertise or market? Well trade shows are always interesting because people thinking of entering a market go there to scope things out and these people are often excited at the new business they are entering and so the catalyst has already been organised for you. A computer networking event might just be the place so we will market this domain at Kensington Olympia (it is a .co.uk remember) with some investment to see who we can interest.

2. RecruitmentCompanies.com

This domain is a great domain for the US market no question. Valuate.com once again prices us at $39,000 USD and DomainBrokers.com suggested $55,000 USD as a market price.

Now this is the sort of domain that a US company might buy defensively - and for $55,000
No broker would ever pay anything like that - you'd be lucky to $5,000 from most. And they would be right because it takes effort and time to move a domain like this. So our market will be people with companies in the recruitment business in India or the States. China would probably not be so interested as there are characters in there that the Chinese don't really use.

So it is time to get searching for companies or comparison websites in that market and get on mailchimp and sell that domain.

The third option would be the way to make real money - if you could get hold of good data on lots of recruitment companies worldwide and start up a database website then you could of course make millions as the domain name would bring you a lot of user trust straight away and with a start-up cost of probably $100,000 you could be worth millions in a year. Get an office and some pretty young people who are good on the phone and start building your brand and database. Make sure you have a good SEO staff internally and keep hold of your shares until you hand a few percent to the staff who.ve stayed in since the beginning!
5 years ago
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Both of the above sound good to me - how have you found the reception to be when employing these tactics?
5 years ago
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It must be said that the domain market has picked up somewhat. The .com TLD marketplace is finally gaining some credibility as a keyword domain base again for two, rather odd reasons.

The first is that Bing.com and MSN.com are back on the rise. Why? Well because Windows 10 resets your browser to Edge and your search engine to Microsoft every time you use the loo.

The second is that there is suddenly some kind of backlash against Google search in the public mind and I really have no knowledge as to why.

Because of this step back in time to the simple, old fashioned search engine where the number of repeated keywords is most important, we are seeing sites like www.dedicatedfibre.com suddenly gaining prominence.

Very strange

Anyway we are very happy at englishinformation.com as we are taking bids on this great domain so send your bid over now!
5 years ago
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There are certain truths that it is best to observe when selling in this business. If you already hold a domain name stock and are looking to sell than that is a very different issue compared to those who are buying and selling on Flippa. Flippa domains are already monetised and are very different to trying to sell a stand alone domain name. I stick to these golden rules for selling:

1. There is no easy way to sell your domain name online without first making your domain name a worthwhile resource. If you can find a niche for a forum or a discussion site or even better, a price comparison site, then you can find a way to start getting some visitors to your domain name. At first you must post at least twice a day for at least a month or you will get nothing!! As soon as you have an audience then you can make a decision to build that audience, or sell on Flippa or elsewhere.

2. If you cannot start a forum then consider populating the domain with as much relevant text as possible. Do not worry too much about the writing style in the early days, a good first page can come later. Get the text there and begin to be found on Bing and Yahoo. Then you can sell on the advertising to a relevant company - this is much easier if you do not try it with google as their system incorporates algorithms that prevent drastic changes happening quickly and so just eats time.

3. If you can generate an audience then you can advertise or you can (a much better option) offer promotions on products of partners or other relevant providers. Google Adwords is not very useful as it is first, too self-aware, and secondly simply not engaging under those circumstances. If you can get a couple of bespoke banner ads from certain relevant providers then you can not only increase your usefulness, but also generate far more successful clicks.