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As Gold.co.uk went for £600,000 in 2013 and still stands as the highest valued UK domain name everyone is keen to understand the black art of valuing domain names and so I am going to throw in my two penneth worth of what I believe to be a reasonable indicator in the current (Nov 2015) market.

LLLL.com domain (where L is a LETTER not a number or dash) even without being a word currently and consistently generates $20,000 USD on Flippa

WORD.com where word is a single four letter word begins at $100,000 USD and the more brandable the better. When it comes to a single words the sky is the limit - POWER.com went for $1m USD and that is a five letter domain - so a four letter domain name consisting of a single word that is reasonably brandable should be fetching in excess of $1m

LLLL.info/.biz/mobi etc. These domains have fetched far more than I was expecting - when we take on a group of domains to sell these are usually suffixes which I avoid signing up for as they are simply for people who don't want to buy a TLD however we are consistently seeing a single word brandable domain of these go in excess of $20,000 USD which is a fine profit no matter what anyone tells you so do not turn your nose up at a single word domain in this class.

WORD.co.uk these domains are an exciting market at the moment - there is something about the .co.uk (and this applies to any country) that the locals trust above any other. If you can get the single word .co.uk domain for your business or market and if you invest sensibly in promotion these domains can ascend in value very quickly at the moment as they are undervalued compared to the TLDs at the moment. Remember that the UK internet market is 20% of the value of the US market and so the domain values will eventually reflect this.

TWOWORDS.com These domains are still undervalued in my opinion. they are extremely hard to obtain as they were all bought up by brokers in the early days of mass availability of domain names and the excitement that followed. A domain like recruitmentcompanies.com was valued by Domain Holdings PLC (now part of Flippa) at $55,000 USD on our behalf but they failed to sell it. These are some of the most respected estimators in the game and they only had two months to move the domains so perhaps this is still a good estimate. I have seen decent sounding two word domains go for less than £500 USD and so this is a tougher market. The main issues is that if you want $1000 USD for a domain of TWOWORDS.com why can't they just buy TWO-WORDS.com and if you buy all of the permutations are you still really going to make money. The simple truth is that the TWOWORD.com domains are yet to receive real attention and unless you have an exact match for a price comparison site or a specific market worth a lot of money then you will still need to wait before selling your domain. There are of course millions of combinations possible - FROZENCOACHES.com isn't a particularly useful combination of words but someone somewhere may have a use for it!

TWOWORDS.co.uk is a class of domains that is yet to be realised even more - the 400,000 words in the English language mean that there are 160,000,000,000 combinations of two word domains and the rules are unsurprisingly widely the same as the two word .com domains. The other issue of course is that most of the investors watching Flippa and NamePros are Americans in search of American domains. UK domains still have further to rise to come in line with the US domains so keep your eyes open for any good ones!

LLLL.co.uk These are the most interesting currently to me in the UK market. They are worth nothing on Flippa and so you can invest in a good one for very little and the recoding of Google to pretty much ignore domain names is (in my mind) something that will have to be partially reversed because the simple truth is that domains offer trust. They mean that either you are prepared to offer the proper investment for your website or you h