4 years ago
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Nominet own all of the .uk domains that exist on the internet today and you simply lease any domains you use from Nominet. That is to say that Nominet is a bit like the royal family - they own Britain - and let you lease some of it as long as you pay.

Nominet is a non-profit company and sends all profits to charities or other businesses that encourage proper use of the internet.

Your email address is the key to what you own - if you log into the Nominet website you log in with your email address. If you have never logged in before you can create a password from your email address and then login. You can then view all of the domains associated with your email address and you are the official custodian of those domains as far as Nominet are concerned. Even if you do not have administrative control you can get Nominet to change the registrar and then take control of those domains. This is a very important point - make sure that you are the registered owner with the correct email address or other people can take your domain with Nominet's help and you will have no proof that those domains ever belonged to you. Often you can change the owner with the current registrar to avoid this.

Once you have the correct owner set on all the domains you have administrative control over and you have regained administrative control over those which you were the registered owner of you can sell your domains in the safe knowledge that if you transfer your domains either with Nominet or Escrow in exchange for monies you are making a legal sale of a UK domain.