4 years ago
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The simple rules are the easiest to apply in these situations and so here are a few.

Good two-word domains are currently catastrophically underpriced and so are great investment opportunities - There is a general opinion that single domains words win - no matter what is happening there will be interest in word.anything but this has nothing to do with keywords. Single keywords are essentially overpowered by investment and publicity as the competition is so high. A single keyword is too vague to offer much in the way of services unless you are a market leader that can corner the market on single keywords like 'insurance' or 'investment.' This is actually a possible reason NOT to invest in single word domains at the moment - they are overpriced simply on the basis of rarity and do not actually contribute to keyword relevance or branding. There is often no investment return as they are already in the hands of investors or end users who await massive return and have the capacity to do so.

As these two word domains are so under-priced they are great opportunities for those who are looking to make money in either of two ways:

a.) As investors in domains that will gain in value as keyword-phrase based domains. Domain like cheaperheating.co.uk offer a term that is not so highly fought over and so offers a chance to increase visibility in AdWords without paying over the odds.

b.) For website creation to gain visitors over a short period in order to recover maximum value in the short term for a domain name. Price comparison and forum sites are becoming particularly good at this in the two-word domain market and are currently a staple diet for Flippa buyers everywhere.

Most marketers are looking to provide companies with decent two or three word phrases to aim their advertising campaigns at and this is where two or three-word domains begin to make sense. At this time of year, domains like CheaperHeating.co.uk are great domains to use as the hub of a new TV campaign or business hub. No one is going to forget the name and the keyword relevance is beyond question.

The .uk and .co.uk markets are still undervalued and so our 7 top two & three-word domain name investment tips this month are: