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Friday, June 21, 2024 1:06:57 PM

BrandRoot.com and Uk domains - Do they accept domains like hubs.uk?

5 years ago
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Hello everyone - I was looking through the beginners section trying to find out what people thought about BrandRoot.com and I have read that it takes a long time to get domains in with a suitable logo and that most of the time you or your name is rejected because they simply didn't rate the domain or your logo etc. and that is all fine.

The question I am interested in getting answered though is - if I have to remove the domain from every other website such as our own at store.sircles.net etc. is it actually worth all of the hassle - am I likely to get a better response to something like hubs.uk currently on sale here: http://store.sircles.net/hubscouk-7-2 and do you think it is brandable enough to be accepted or would I be wasting my time? (I'm not actually sure that they take any non TLDs anyway)
5 years ago
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Brandable domains need to be country independent so unless the UK part of the domain spells a word or similar you are not going to be able to convince BrandRoot that the domain is marketable.

I believe they only take .COM currently but that is bound to change.