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Dedicated, Bespoke Windows Server Hosting Monthly

A virtual or physical windows server for your bespoke hosting needs
SKU: BespoWinhosted

Processors available in your hosted server


Available RAM in your machine


Storage space available in your hosted Windows Server


Connectivity to the internet is based upon the service you desire.

We can accommodate from 5 up to 50 Mbit bandwidth per server or group of servers.

All interconnectivity between servers is gigabit.

Other options are depend upon switch dependant availability.

Rental price: $149.60 incl VAT per 12 month(s)
$149.60 incl VAT

Windows servers accessible by Remote Desktop on their own VLAN with other hosted machines, if desired. RAM and CPU are definable at time of purchase and may be upgradeable depending on whether the offering is physical or virtual. Up to 50Mb service depending on your needs with no limit on data usage per month.

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