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Dell XPS 8500 White Windows 7 Pro i7 3.4GHz Quad Core 8GB 1TB HDD Fully Loaded Gamer PC Used

Massive Storage Serious Processor and Graphics Hardware Service Tag 52QWD5J Computer Model XPS 8500 Shipping Date 28/07/2012 Country United Kingdom
Manufacturer: Dell Computers
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£229.00 excl tax

8W4Y9 : Base,Mini Tower,Extreme Perfor mance System,8500,Configure To Order
1TGPC : Module,Label,Intel,Desktop,CI7 2
6KGF7 : Module,Plug,VIDEO,JACK,High De finition Multimedia Interface, Video Graphics Adapter
97J30 : Module,Kit,Software,Adobe,Phot oshop Elements/ Premier Elemen ts,9
M2R0Y : Module,Card,Graphics,Advanced Micro Devices,M209A
R355H : MOD,CORD,PWR,250V,2M,C13,UK
R59YK : Module,Chassis,Pwa Integrated, 460W,8500,Power Factor Correct ion,White
7MMY3 : Module,Card,Network,DW1703,Con sumer Notebook,World Wide
Y9RXY : Module,Dvd+/-Rw,16X,Inspiron,Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology
9FJPW : Module,Hard Drive,1TB,7.2K,SGT -PHAR 6G
4H9WH : Module,Processor,I7-3770,77W,4 C,IVB
XKKCK : Module,Media,Digital Video Dis k Drive,Resource Dvd,Extreme P erformance System,8500
07GHK : Module,Label,Microsoft,Desktop ,Windows Seven
U591H : Module,Screw,M2X3,K Screw Head ,Modem Daughter Card,ESRS
RVW9D : Module,Thermal,Heatsink,95W,MN TW/SLTW
9RY9V : Module,Software,Certificate Of Authenticity,W7P32/64

Products specifications
CPU i7
3.5" Hard Disk Drives 1 TB
Optical Drive 9.5mm SATA DVD-RW
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