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DrayTek Vigor 2926n Router Firewall

DrayTek Vigor 2926 n-Wireless Ethernet Router
$262.80 incl tax $226.80 incl tax

VigorSwitch G1280 Web Smart Gigabit Switch

VigorSwitch G1280 Web Smart Gigabit Switch is a high performance gigabit switch with 4 SFP/copper Gigabit ports. The switch is compatible with the DrayTek central management system and integrates with the latest DrayTek WAPs and routers.
$238.80 incl tax $226.80 incl tax

DrayTek Vigor 2830n ADSL Router NO AERIALS!!!

DrayTek Vigor 2830n ADSL router - NO Aerials !! ADSL Vigor used with PSU but no aerials. Rather grubby!!!! Tested and working. Ethernet and ADSL as well as USB dongle 3G connectivity.
$46.80 incl tax $34.80 incl tax

DrayTek Vigor 2860n VDSL Router REFURBISHED

Refurbished DrayTek Vigor 2860n with Wifi and all sorts of great features for any sized branch or satellite office. Great VPN and networking as well as full fibre support and quick firewall.
$274.80 incl tax $120.00 incl tax

DrayTek Vigor 2862n VDSL Wireless Router

The DrayTek 2862n is the ultimate business wireless router for VDSL/FTTC or BT Infinity customers. The maximum throughput is now at 400MB across the WAN ports and so the router is even capable of supporting an office of more than a hundred people using dedicated fibre on WAN2 with a VDSL backup
$250.80 incl tax $214.80 incl tax

DrayTek Vigor 2862 Series VDSL Router

VDSL SME Router Dual WAN with 3G USB backup WAN ports and Gigabit LAN. This is quite simply the ultimate VDSL/ADSL/4G/Cable router for SMEs or even large business. We have run internet retailers with dedicated fibre across these routers with 60 staff uploading/ This model has no WiFi or VoIP
$226.80 incl tax $190.80 incl tax