DrayTek Vigor Switch V1281 Network Video Distribution

The DrayTek Vigor V1281 28 Port Audiovisual Distribution Switch Designed for relaying video across an IP ethernet network to different screens and appliances. Ideal for pubs, sports bars, hotels, A/V stalls and stores etc.
Manufacturer: DrayTek
Delivery date: 3-5 days
£310.80 incl VAT
excluding shipping

The DrayTek Vigor V1282 simplifies video distribution internally across your LAN by allowing each port to be configured and input or output and then any output port can be sent to a screen without a lot of configuration being required.

There is a single port always committed as a configuration connection for PC access to make changes and if you wish for a more complcated, bespoke set-up, then the V1281 can be configured on an addres by address or port by port basis.