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Insolvency Case Finance and ERP System Hosting

A virtual or physical windows server configured to recreate a live system from a previous business or case.
SKU: DRSysHost

Processors available in your hosted server


Available RAM in your machine


Storage space available in your hosted Windows Server


Connectivity to the internet is based upon the service you desire.

We can accommodate from 5 up to 50 Mbit bandwidth per server or group of servers.

All interconnectivity between servers is gigabit.

Other options are depend upon switch dependant availability.

$1,080.00 incl VAT

If you are a bank, solicitor or insolvency practitioner then despatch us to collect data from your cases and recreate the systems live in our data centre for you to access remotely. Our engineers can recreate almost any scale of system on a sufficient level for you to interrogate as a small team. We can provide multiple methods to connect and multiple client machines to connect to so that you can report and calculate as if you were at the client site.

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