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Internet routers for the SoHo, SME or Enterprise users from Watchguard, DrayTek and Sonicwall. Routers are your gateway to the Internet and the most important tool that must be employed to keeping you and your network safe, secure and private. Our systems can be configured to allow only appropriate traffic onto your Local area Network (LAN) so that your business remains running efficiently and smoothly.

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DrayTek Vigor 2862ac VDSL Router

Vigor 2862ac ADSL/VDSL Router SME router with Dual-band (2.4/5Ghz) simultaneous wireless
$394.80 incl tax $310.80 incl tax

DrayTek Vigor 2862Ln 4G SIM Integrated Router/Firewall

The DrayTek Vigor 2862n wireless router with two additional WANs for an inserted SIM card allowing for 4G connectivity. It is the ultimate internet gateway for any SME installation. The throughput of this router can handle almost any SME or home connection speed - over 400MBps - and more VPNs than a medium sized business will ever need. It is quite simply the ultimate tool for internet connectivity, and competes happily with Watchguard, Checkpoint and Sonicwall. The 2862ln requires only a web portal for configuration, rather than a Windows application as does much of the serious competition.
$454.80 incl tax $382.80 incl tax