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SEO Dashboard : Whitelabel SEO Agency - Spam Idiots

SEO Dashboard : Whitelabel SEO Agency - Spam Idiots


From:Joan Fernandez                   [email protected] 

From: Donna Reid                      [email protected] 

Sent:                                           Tuesday, November 3, 2020 7:32 AM

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Subject:                                     SEO Dashboard : Whitelabel SEO Agency




I know you get 100s of these emails every week if not every day. 


Why you should read this further, because we are giving you technical facts about us and not just a sales pitch.


  • We work with 150+ digital marketing firms across US, Canada, Aus, UK and some parts of Asia.
  • We provide 360 degree SEO service, I.e from competition research, keyword analysis, backlinks analysis, sorting out complete onsite, high PA, DA backlinks, conversion rate optimization, reputation management and more.
  • We provide a dedicated account manager to each agency client, sole aim of this account manager is to help you grow your business.
  • We also provide you with leads(people looking for digital marketing service) in your area, so that you can convert these leads to grow your business.
  • All in all working with us is a great opportunity to grow your business.


Interested? Send us your Skype/Phone Number or reply to this email to get the conversation started.


There is lot more to us then what you have read above, talk soon.



Joan Fernandez

Business Development Manager

“A committed partner dedicated to your business success!”



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