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The Last Adam by Guy Cooper

A small dust-covered tablet discovered in the desert becomes the catalyst for an exciting and deadly journey back through the history of humankind in the amazing novel by Guy Cooper
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“It's not every day that you make a discovery that changes the world; Professor Lorenzo Fiorini didn't know it yet but today was one of those days...”

These are the opening lines from The Last Adam, a novel that rapidly draws the reader into a chain reaction of events and intriguing possibilities that will challenge any existing ideas and concepts that the reader holds to be true.

The discovery of a small dirt-encrusted tablet is the catalyst for a number of disparate groups to attempt any means available to prevent knowledge of the existence of this artifact from being made public.

The Last Adam is so much more than an action-packed adventure; although on one level, large parts of the book can be described as that. It is when you allow yourself to get drawn into the plot that you realise that there are many strands to follow as you get drawn inexorably to a surprising and thought-provoking conclusion.